It's time to get back to our roots with some Michigan sports. Here's our take on the recent news out of Ann Arbor:

Is it just us, or when you hear this "Lloyd Carr got an official fired for being partially blind" story, you just keep picturing the trainer from Seabiscuit yelling: "HE'S BLIND IN ONE EYE!" ???

Amaker landed Top-50 recruit Manny Harris and then Alex Legion recommitted to Michigan - (he's still the Devil). When asked why he chose Michigan, I just want one of these kids to say: "I love what coach is doing with the swirly-finger offense..."

Michigan hockey's top recruit, Trevor Lewis, bolted for the NHL before playing a game at UM. As usual, Red Berenson tried his scare tactics with lines like: "I think (the Kings) took advantage of a kid who wasn't getting good advice..." Red, this obviously doesn't work. We think it's time Rick gets a chance to head up recruiting....

It makes us sick that we put together an All-Name Team and didn't include our own Mister Simpson. Mister: if you're reading, we'll make it up to you...

The new face of Michigan basketball

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