Sometimes sports writers hit a level of stupidity even we didn't think was possible. Take this article after the NFL Draft that ran in "The Arizona Republic" by the title "Navarre Unfazed By Drafting of Leinart."

Is this guy kidding?

While the Cardinals selection of Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart in last weekend's draft caused waves of excitement throughout the Valley, it wasn't great news in at least one household.

John Navarre, entering his third season with the team, will now have serious competition to back up Kurt Warner.

But not much bothers Navarre, and he said he doesn't plan to shrink from the challenge.

"Hey, I have to compete," he said. "Competition brings out the best. I have to expect that and so does Matt coming in, and I know he does."

Navarre, who was a seventh-round pick from Michigan, has played in two games in two years. When Josh McCown departed for Detroit via free agency this off-season, Navarre moved up to second on the depth chart. Now, he has competition.

"That's the NFL," coach Dennis Green said. "I don't think anybody thinks they should be making millions of dollars and have a free pass. John went to Michigan. Believe me, he understands competition."

Navarre's advantage is that he knows the offensive system. But it's rare in the NFL that a seventh-round pick beats out a first-rounder. When asked if he's confident that the competition will be fair, Navarre said he didn't know.

"If I'm going to base my work ethic and my goals on outside factors I can't control, what does that say about my goals?" he asked. "Whatever happens ahead of me happens, but I'm going to work and I'm not going to change."

From the article, you'd think Navarre is a potential franchise QB that just got dicked over instead of someone biding time until he goes into the Sporting Goods business...

"The Incumbent"

"The Challenger"

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