You know those movies that come on HBO, and you just watch them over and over again?

Old School is a good example. So is Zoolander. But for some reason, the film that really captures our imagination is "You Got Served".

Whether it's...
- Steve Harvey playing a mentor that lets kids throw their lives away on dance-offs
- Lil' Saint getting gun-downed while caught up in the thug life
- Wade Robson talking about how many sweet videos he has choreographed
or Lil' Kim telling the D.J. to "drop it like it's hot", this is a 95-minute film that never lets you up for air.

Inexplicably, it's ranked as the #21 worst movie of all-time on IMDB. First of all, there is no way this movie is worse than Kazaam (#22). Second, no matter how much people hated the movie, a sequel needs to be greenlit for the title alone, "You Got Served 2: Service with a Smile".

Below is our favorite scene in the movie, and possibly of all-time (BTW, Omarion deserved an Oscar nod for his text message reaction alone...):

BTW, Varun and I are seeing the 6:15 showing of "Little Man" at the Union Square theater on Wednesday, if anyone would like to join us...

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scott said...

I reviewed Little Man for the Daily this week...my condolences for you having to sit through that.