Normally I don't break down a single day of college football, but this was just a special Saturday. A couple thoughts:

1) I don't care what anyone says: Florida State's all-black uniforms were gangster. I especially liked how Nike "paid tribute" to the Seminole tribe by writing "Unconquered" down the pants. Unconquered? - that might be a stretch...

2) If John L. Smith isn't the Big Ten Coach of the Year, there is something seriously wrong with the voting process.

3) I bet you thought Pierre Rembert was a smack-head right now. Oh contrare monfrare: Rembert rushed for 230 yards for No. 3 Illinois State yesterday and is eyeing a National title.

4) Why isn't Michigan good more often? I mean, it just looks so damn easy for us right now. At least 5 players were intentionally trying to lose, and it still didn't matter.

5) Did anyone else throwup in their mouth watching Samardzija streak down the sideline for the game-winning TD?

6) It's really sad to watch Miami these days. Duke comes one play away from beating them. And when Willie Cooper picked it off, he couldn't even take it back for a Pick 6 before pulling something and crashing to the ground.

7) Maybe at 1-6, it's time for Pat Hill to stop instituting his "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" policy at Fresno State.

8) Where'd all the Garrett Wolfe hype go???? I guess that's what happens when you rush for a combined 76 yards on 22 carries in your last two games (yesterday they played Temple).

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