Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Drew Henson, people are coming out of the woodwork to kick him while he's down, namely Packers GM Ron Wolf. Take this excerpt from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

At about the same time, Sherman telephoned Wolf and asked him if he would evaluate tapes of Henson's final collegiate season. Wolf hunkered down at his Annapolis, Md., home, studied every game and then gave Sherman the thumbs-down.

"He was like a yo-yo," Wolf recalled last week. "He finished with a flourish against Ohio State and Auburn in a bowl game. I (concluded) that he wasn't very good. But I had to reserve that because I didn't know anything about his arm or his athleticism. I always felt the most important thing at that position was to see a guy play live."

The Packers decided Henson was a player they could live without. It turned out to be one of Sherman's best personnel moves ever.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones did fall in love with Henson and traded a third-round pick to Houston on March 12. Henson was given an eight-year contract with lucrative guarantees based on minimal playing time. He still counts $2.678 million against the Cowboys' salary cap.

That August, Wolf spent a week in the Cowboys' training camp as a guest of his pal,
Parcells. Wolf said Parcells never asked him about Henson before the deal went down. However, a mutual acquaintance said Wolf tried to tell Parcells not to do it.

"He's out there in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 and some (coach) is telling him where to go with the ball and he looks outstanding," Wolf said. "I'm thinking to myself, `Boy, I really missed this guy. It's terrible how bad I missed him.' "

Wolf visited Dallas in November, put on the exhibition tape and saw the same player that he didn't like at Michigan. His evaluation of Henson crystalized further on his week-long summer sojourns to camp in 2005 and `06.

"He's just not very good, and he got progressively worse," said Wolf. "They brought a kid (Matt Baker) in from North Carolina this year who definitely was better than Drew Henson. He is what he is. He can't play."

This summer, Parcells compared Henson to one of his former players who couldn't relax and would hyperventilate in the huddle. In 2004, Henson played the fourth quarter of one game, then started four days later on Thanksgiving and was benched at halftime. He never played again, surpassed in `05 by Burlington's Tony Romo as No. 2.
Hey Ron: if you're such a genius, why do you have one of the worst teams in football. And why'd you sign over-the-hill Charles Woodson to a 7-year deal?

We are now officially cheering against Aaron Rodgers...

Once Drew is reunited with DT and A-Train, he is going to wreck fools...

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