Being over two years removed from college, sometimes we forget how ridiculous some of these kids are. Thanks to Ken Wall, we've discovered a Yale student that references this Internet video in his resume.

Well of course it was only a matter of time until it landed on YouTube and this guy became a human pinata:

Make sure to skip to the end when Aleksey supposedly starts actin' a fool and chops bricks in half. We think we have a George O'Leary situation - note how you never actually see his face while he is chopping the bricks and then it fades into him bowing.

And I thought the B-School was bad

Note: Thanks to Laju, we (unsurprisingly) have been informed this kid is a complete fraud. Like we said before, we are still most offended by the fake brick breaking...

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Laju said...

More importantly, he failed his first year of school, set up a fake company, a fake charity soliciting donations, plagiarized a book on the holocaust, personally knows the Dalai Lama, has to register his hands as lethal weapons at airports, and has taught tennis to Sarah Michelle Gellar - clearly the best part.


This kid is my personal hero.