If you've paid attention to the New York rap scene recently, you're aware of the fact that Jim Jones is apparently running shit. If this wasn't depressing enough, he and Dame Dash have decided to take a crack at Hov with a new dis track.

Anyway, the Weez has been faced with quite a dilemma recently. He loves Dipset. A simple story will really explain how strong his devotion is. We were at a bar a few months back and cut in line to play pool. Apparently, there was a list and a girl who was ahead of us was pretty upset and started throwing quarters at our faces. Usually this would cause Jim to fly into a rage and try to fight everyone in the bar (see: the fight Jim got into at Off the Wagon about a month ago when I wasn't there to check him before he wrecked himself). But this time, he restrained himself. He noticed that the girl was with a guy who was wearing a Diplomats shirt. He pointed out the shirt out, screamed something out about Juelz and Killa Cam and then we were all road dogs.

Anyway, back to the dilemma. The Weez hates the NY Giants because of their rivalry with the Washington Redskins. On last week's MNF game, Strahan and Plax were imitating fade-away jumpshots a la the new Jim Jones video. Usually this sort of ridiculous behavior would make him extremely happy. But this time, it's just broken his heart. As a result he's strapped on his authentic Washington Redskins football helmet and has been running into the brickwall next to our fireplace. The results are very similar to this.

Don't throw rocks at the throne, dunnies!

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Ken said...

The girl wasn't wearing the Diplomats shirt...the dude that whooped "the Weez" in pool was wearing it. The girl was fucking crazy though...