We won't even spend time talking about how John L. Smith has lost his damn mind, as evidenced by last week's post-game presser.

There's no way Ron Mason will make the mistake of firing John L. mid-season after the Bobby Williams debacle. Williams got whacked after the 2002 Michigan game and MSU just got worse, losing 61-7 to Penn State in the season finale.

But we went ahead and looked at who is most likely to replace John L. after this season comes to a merciful end.

Coach: Steve Mariucci
Odds: 5-2
Current Job: NFL Network Analyst
Comment: "The People's Choice", Mooch would bring instant credibility to MSU and has the most impressive resume out there. We can already picture the introdcutory presser with Izzo - gross...

Coach: Tyrone Willingham
Odds: 10-1
Current Job: Washington Head Coach
Comment: Forget Washington's 4-1 record, you think Husky fans would be sad to see Willingham return to his alma mater? Doubtful.

Coach: Bobby Petrino
Odds: 12-1
Current Job: Louisville Head Coach
Comment: Don't be surprised if MSU turns to "the Ville" again for its head coach. Petrino has a much better resume than John L. Smith did when he was hired and is currently ranked 8th in the country playing with backups.

Coach: Tom Izzo
Odds: 50-1
Current Job: Michigan State Basketball Coach
Comment: If Trannon can do it, why not Izzo? We can already picture the Izzone at Spartan Stadium...

Coach: Bobby Williams
Odds: 100-1
Current Job: Miami Dolphins RB Coach
Comment: Our personal favorite. Does Kellen Winslow have any other kids?

Coach: Howard Schnellenberger
Odds: 1,000-1
Current Job: Florida Atlantic Head Coach
Comment: How about one washed-up former L'ville coach for another? And he kind of looks like Ron Mason...

Who's got next?

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