Been a lot of Jay-Z hating going on out there recently. There's even been some internal tension between The Realests over Jay's recent business moves.

But, I for one am very happy that the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster is almost back. Keep his name out of your mouths, fools!! If you don't like his lyrics you can press fast forward! Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it!

He had to get off the boat so that he could walk on water! Who you know fresher than Hov?! He flows for chicks wishin they didn't have to strip to pay tuition! He thugs them, fucks them, loves them, leaves them because he doesn't fucking need them! He didn't tell you to sell drugs - he sold drugs!! He's on the block like he's 8 feet tall! He's in the drop with the AC on! T

hat's why the streets embrace him, dog! He's from Marcy, son! He's not a businessman - he's a BUSINESS, man!!!!

Anyone who can name the songs that these lyrics are taken from will win the respect of The Realests.

Fuck Dame Dash!!

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