We've been thinking about doing this for awhile now - we finally got around to it.

All of us did stuff in college we regretted, but there's just something comedic about the trouble Michigan football players (and even coaches) get into. Without further adieu...

Match the former Michigan football player/coach and his brush with the law while in school!

Note: the most heinous crimes were intentionally left off the list (i.e. Markus Curry, Shantee Orr).

1. Pounded fools at Cava Java
2. Brawled at Pizza House
3. Threw a beer bottle threw Scorekeepers' front window
4. Brought James Whitley and gun to challenge an ex-GF's new boyfriend
5. Drunken brawl outside Rick's with Michigan wrestler Mike Kulczycki
6. Solicited a prostitute in Ypsilanti
7. The "Mad Whacker" ('nuff said)
8. Allegedly hit person over the head with a bottle or ring at party
9. Hurt old lady driving recklessly
10. Urinated on floor of hometown Wisconsin bar
11. Busted for weed twice in 14 weeks
12. Scammed a K-Mart
13. Beat step-father with a bat
14. Busted for fake ID
15. Drunken rampage at Southfield's "Excalibur" restaurant (now extinct)

a. Adam Stenavich
b. Kelly Baraka
c. Charles Winters
d. Cato June & Larry Stevens (tag team, fool!)
e. Gary Moeller
f. David Terrell
g. Maurice Williams & Jonathan Goodwin
h. Larry Harrison
i. Jeremy LeSueur
j. Scott Dreisbach
k. Larry Foote
l. Marlin Jackson
m. Todd Howard
n. Brian Griese
o. Bennie Joppru

We apologize for not making it through the entire alphabet...

The first person to submit all the correct answers will automatically become Realest of the Week.

Answers will be posted soon!

James Whitley took the rap for one of his former teammates - do you know which one?


Jay said...

1. D
2. K
3. N
4. F
5. O
6. I
7. H
8. L
9. M
10. A
11. B
12. G
13. C
14. J
15. E

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

he, james whitley. is not only a criminal but is some type of devil. You will see it in his eyes, he is evil - it's just a fact - wait til you get to know him... you'll figure it out.

James said...

For those of you who don't really know James Whitley, you can very well say whatever you feel. For one should only believe none of what they hear and half of what they see. I know this guy from inside and out and I can tell you that he's one of the most genuine individuals I've ever met. Honest with integrity and If he considers you to be a friend or brother, he'll lay down his life for you, as he's done in the past. Please don't get things confused, he loves GOD but he's not perfect, as none of us are. So if you're without sin, please cast the first stone. Who ever wrote this anonymous bull, please identify yourself. Coward!

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