So it's late and I'm bored, so I start watching "The Butterfly Effect" on FX. I catch the last half hour - a poor man's Donnie Darko, it at least keeps me entertained.

Afterwards, I inevitably end up on IMDB to read other people's reactions, where I find out the original "artsy" ending was canned by Hollywood.

I won't ruin the alternate ending for you guys, except to say Eric Bess and J. Mackye Gruber would have 10 Oscars if they hadn't been sold out (sorry about the foreign captions, but it's worth it).

If you just want the money maker, view from 1:40-2:30 on the clip... and grab a kleenex:

For those of you that still don't get it: Ashton Kutcher time travels back to when he was in the womb, strangling himself as a fetus to avoid his negative effect on other people around him. No, that is not a joke. Yes, the screenwriter is crazy.

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