After getting an anonymous tip that Michigan didn't place a bid for the Super Regionals, we have confirmed through the athletic department this is the reason Michigan has to travel across the entire country to face the defending College World Series champions in Oregon State.

As you can see here, Big Blue's athletic department has a history of blowing it.

APPARENTLY, this was unavoidable because The Fish is now under major renovation. We all know that construction is Bill Martin's favorite part of being the AD and nothing - not even the sports themselves - will get in his way of developing real estate.

Now we don't want to crush Michigan for this mistake because the stadium renovation has been in the works for years. But after hosting the Big Ten Tournament just last week, couldn't Martin have pushed back construction just for the slim possibility of hosting the Super Regional?

We're still 100% confident in Rich Maloney but Ray Fisher and the Daily's baseball beat writers deserved better...


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Michigan didn't file the necessary paperwork to host the super regionals. If they would have, they would be hosting the beavs. Too bad OSU will move on now.
Guess the AD didn't have much faith in the team beating Vandy.

Anonymous said...

The Fish is going under renovations. The press box was torn down following the Big Ten Tournament, therefore it can't host Super Regionals.