While the rumors proved to be false (for now), we seem to have set off another firestorm from the looks of an e-mail we received this morning about the post:

I really don't see the humor in this. I am Ashley's mom and I'm extremely disappointed that Forest doesn't have the brains to call Isaiah, the producer and get the last name--Fauble. She was a co-star in "Brown Bag Adventure" produced by Isaiah Hole and directed by Danny Mooney and she had a blast working with everyone and can't wait to do more film, so please lay off the inappropriate comments.

Woah, Ms. Lippy! Get a sense of humor - this is for your kid's amusement (the kids!). And take it easy that Forest didn't plug your daughter's performance on a blog.

No wonder these kids always end up in rehab...


Forest said...

Jim -

I don't know if you remember this but back when I was a Freshman at the Daily, I almost got the Daily sued for a very similar instance. I was doing a photostory on the America Reads tutors and their work at the Greenbriar Housing Project near North Campus. The children being tutored were the core of the story and were in nearly every photo published. Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about model releases when I was starting at the Daily, so the photographs of the children were published without permission of the parents.

The parents were outraged and threatned to sue the Daily for $1m (seriously). Their problem was that the published names of the children (in print and online) would open them up to exactly what you were joking about - pedophilia.

It took the cool head of our EIC to talk them down and a fair amount of grace for him not to fire me on the spot.

Ever since then, I've excercised an excessive amount of restraint when photographing minors and an even larger amount of restraint when printing their names. Ms. Fauble can be sure that the choice not to print her daughter's name (even on a forum as seemingly-innocent as Facebook) took a measured amount of "brains".

It is precisely situations like these where names should never be published. Think of what you get when googling "kiddie porn" now - it might be page 1,047, but The Realests is still linked and now (thanks to the unending brainpower of Ms. Fauble who just had to get her daughter's name 'out there'), there is now a link for "Ashley Fauble Kiddie Porn".

Congratulations. You, ma'am, are an idiot. You turned something completely harmless and humorous into something that could endanger your daughter.

Yours In Disgust,

-Forest Casey

Scott said...

Actually it's page 942 when you search for kiddy porn...or so i've heard.