The Sopranos series finale was awesome.

The Realests have no patience with people who have actually watched the show throughout the years and are upset with how the series ended. It's understandable to be confused/upset if you never watched the show and tuned into the finale and didn't get the big payoff that you expected. But the anti-climax is what the show was all about. Tony made his bed of dread and fear and he'll be sleeping in it for the rest of his life. I don't think he got capped, don't think anything bad happened in that diner.

The genius of the ending is that the dread that we, the audience, felt during those last 5 minutes in the diner is the constant cycle of fear and paranoia that Tony is going to face the rest of his life.

The Realests have always subscribed to the "screw-the-audience-we're-doing-what-we-want-to-do-even-if-that-means-that our-future-feature-film-"Fratboy Missionaries"-will-never-get-made" mentality. So, it's no surprise that we liked The Sopranos series finale. It tied up whatever the writers thought was relevant and asked the audience to actually think at the end. So, in a way, The Sopranos series finale was a microcosm for what Fratboy Missionaries could have been. Is it weird that we just compared our unmade movie to perhaps the most critically acclaimed show of all time? No, not at all. If you read this blog regularly, that's actually par for the course. If anything, we're undervaluing ourselves.

Oh, by the way, Journey rocks.

And, if Lost decides to have a series finale like that I'm pretty sure that the Realests might self-implode. That would be inexcusable.

Also, The Wire is about to bring the pain in Season 5. And I mean that literally - I think that the fifth season of The Wire might really crush your soul.

P.S. You'll get your Vegas recap sometime this week once we've sorted through our broken spirits (actually, the trip was a lot of fun and pretty absurd).

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