The recent ending of The Sopranos has become something of a cultural moment. Countless magazine and newspaper articles chronicled the end of the show and the resulting fan backlash, hundreds of blogs weighed in on the symbolic meaning, and many fans chose to make their own endings.

Now the cultural zeitgeist might have hit it's peak. Hillary Clinton decided to coopt the phenomenon in order to plug her Presidential campaign. A lot of people might pan this but I think it's pretty genius in a reverse-flip-clap sort of way.

The ending scene of The Sopranos probably was used to indicate just how screwed up the family was and for Hilary Clinton to naively use the same scene just reeks of irony. At least Bill was on it and he gets bonus points for dropping a direct reference to parallel parking.

Maybe he's a reader of this blog. Consider yourself in good company.

Note: I didn't clear this post through Editor Jim, so if you're not satisfied with it I guess the blame falls on me. I know this was no Willie Williams update or Moondog update, but I can't summon the type of genius that Jim can at a moment's notice.

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Forest said...

I took the ending of the Sopranos to stand for the strength of the family, not an indication of their screwed-up-ness. Think about it - even though Tony's life was in danger, they all met for dinner together, discussing family issues, etc, and put their differences behind them.

For Bill and Hilliary, I took their meeting to mean the same thing. They're a family again, for better or for worse.

And the guest appearance of Johnny Sach was pretty damn priceless.

3.5 stars.