A couple of months ago we called out West Virginia for reportedly showing interest in former Miami bad boy Willie Williams.

While Willie ended up at Louisville instead, West Virginia is still flying under the radar as the new Miami Hurricanes of college football. Take a look at some former and current Mountaineers in the headlines:

"Capman" Jones: People in Morgantown got a sense Jones was a trouble maker when he was accused of hitting two fellow students with a pool stick at a bar in his first week on campus in 2002. Just five years later, people are now calling for a lifetime NFL ban for Jones.

Chris Henry: Henry first made a splash in 2004 after he was ejected from a game against Rutgers and an obscenity-filled tirade at fans. Already suspended for 8 games by Roger Goodell for his four arrests, Henry is now being investigated for beating up a 16-year-old kid.

Travis Garvin: Garvin, WVU's third-leading receiver in 2003, paired up with old-timer Alvoid Mays to knock off a supermarket in 2004. While no longer on the team at the time, Garvin's character was already in question by the time he arrived at WVU after getting arrested for marijuana at Missouri. Man, those 2003 Mountaineers were a special squad...

Pat Lazear: An incoming freshman linebacker, Lazear spent 10 days in jail after knocking off a Smoothie King in Bethesda after providing the weapon and driving the not-so getaway car. We'll be sure to keep an eye on him.

Update: Oh yeah, and they hired Bob Huggins as their basketball coach! 'Nuff said.

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