Surprise: The Big Ten Preview is back! Granted, our projections have been tainted by the fact we're still previewing the league in December. But no matter! The Big Ten Network has nothing on The Realests when it comes to conference coverage. We expect a check from Jim Delaney to be in the mail already.

2006-07 Record: 22-12 (9-7)
Projected Finish: 6th
Returning Starters: 2
Head Coach: Matt Painter
Best Player: E'Twaun Moore (12.0 PPG)

3 Reasons for Optimism: (Didn't there use to be 5 of these? Sorry folks, there have been some budget cuts here at The Realests. Hey, do you want this thing done by Christmas or not?)

1) Gene who? Matt Painter looks like the next John Wooden (Pop Quiz: Did you know the Wizard of Westwood played for the Boilers?) Purdue was one of the biggest surprises in the NCAA last year, going toe-to-toe with Florida in the second round of the Big Dance after being a Big Ten doormat the year before with just 9 wins.

2) This Painter guy can recruit too, with four blue-chip freshmen in E'Twaun Moore (#27 Scouts.com rating), Scott Martin (#29), JaJuan Johnson (#47) and Robbie Hummel (#51) - which means he's obviously borrowed coke and strippers from Ron Zook. Martin & Moore haven't disappointed, combining to average 25 points in Purdue's first four games.

3) Purdue is virtually unbeatable at Mackey Arena, going 16-1 there last year.

3 Reasons for Pessimism:

1) Their two best players, Carl Landry and David Teague, are both gone. Landry was the forgotten man in the Big Ten last year with Oden, Tucker and Conley, but the guy was sick even without his brother's stupid Rec-Specs.

2) That Atlantic Sun: So hot right now. But beating Lipscomb by four points at home? That's pretty pathetic considering the Bisons have already lost to Centenary College, Winston-Salem State and Appalachian State. Ugh, don't remind us.

3) The team might want to spend the holidays at the Betty Ford Clinic. A starter last year, Gordon Watts got the boot for a DWI and Keaton Grant was suspended three games for being in the car. Oh yeah, and former blue-chipper Jonathan Uchendu transferred to Arkansas-Little Rock after "suspicion" of public intoxication (what does that mean anyway, like whipping your dong out or something?)

Purdue is in the same boat as Michigan, with some really solid young talent. They just played a good Clemson team to the wire in South Carolina, but that Lipscomb game was a huge red flag. It's just hard to see guys like Martin banging down low for an entire season in the Big Ten (seriously, someone feed this kid!).

Don't count on Purdue making it back to the NCAA Tournament again this year but don't be fooled, Painter has this program in the right direction.


Purdue Since 1982 said...

nice prediction...almost made the sweet 16 that year.

Espinola said...

nice prediction...almost made the sweet 16 that year.

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