If I'm a Michigan tax payer or a current U of M student, I'm a little perturbed right now after finding out my money is going to former Penn State basketball coach Jerry Dunn - Michigan's new associate head basketball coach.

This despite the fact we could have sworn we saw J.D. eating out of a trash can in Union Square the other week, which was actually less surprising than this.

In fact, looking at our coaching staff, Beilein's got a bigger posse than Hansel, M.C. Hammer and Juan Gonzalez combined (our new graduate assistant manager was teaching middle school literature at this time last year).

Is this what Michigan basketball has become: Social security for bad Big Ten coaches? Why not bring Dan Monson and Mike Davis aboard too (heck, we only beat him once in six years at IU).

This guy should definitely be coaching in the D-League with Dave Bliss, Quin Snyder and Jim Harrick.

It just puzzling from such a great coach like Beilein. Maybe this is like having to hang around with the fat-chick best friend to date a hot chick...


Anonymous said...

Jerry Dunn has been successful everywhere else in his career save Penn State. Nobody succeeds at Penn State because nobody at Penn State is serious about basketball.

Jerry Dunn is a GREAT addition to Michigan because Jerry Dunn is a class act. He'll give the program 100 percent and will be an asset to the community as well. Trust me, you could do much worse than having Jerry Dunn rub off on the kids on your basketball team. Much worse.

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