There are some pretty bad tattoos in sports right now.

There's the Richard Jefferson "R.J." bubble tattoo, Vince Young's "V. Young" tat, the DeShawn Steven entire jersey tattoo (still in progress), this dufus and - of course - the Mike Tyson face tattoo.

(It's not all bad though. Stephen Jackson's desert eagle tattoo on the other hand is totally sweet.)

But LeBron's new "Witness" tattoo is up there in stupidity. It's a great Nike campaign and all, but that shit doesn't even make sense.

What are you trying to say, LBJ: You're so good, you're witnessing yourself?

Now if Gilbert Arenas got that tattoo it'd be funny. Instead, LeBron just looks like Nike's personal billboard - and a jackass.

Let's hope LeBron takes a page out of his high school book and covers that garbage up.

Of course, many would say this is a case of "The pot calling the kettle black" since we just got matching "Realest" tattoos our foreheads. So maybe we shouldn't talk.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Bron got this tatt about a year and a half ago. Where u been?

Anonymous said...

yeah, like anonymous said... where have you been? idiot. stop hating on lebron cause your jealous. worst. blog. ever.

Kid Keith said...

LeGlobal Icon is a loser. Cleveland is the sixth gate and everyone there will hate the annointed one when he ditches that city for the glow of New York. Witness. Arenas is the man by the way.

Anonymous said...

The tattoo is, in fact, telling other people to witness him. It's like when people wear that obnoxious shirt that says "stop staring at my tits" in really small letters, so you have to stare at their tits to read it. The girl isn't telling herself not to stare at her own tits. She's telling you.
This is what philosophers refer to as an indexical problem. There's a whole bunch of theory behind it, its the study of how most people can figure this stuff out on their own. You apparently can't. The people studying philosophy of language should start studying a philosophy of you.

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