(Update: Mark Dantonio and State are already crying like little girls about being disrespected, calling Mike Hart classless, etc. etc.. Their motto: "It's personal now." Hey, that was our line! Oh whatever, you can have it...)

There aren't enough game balls to go around after Michigan's comeback victory over Sparty on Saturday - not necessarily for anything that happened during the game, but what immediately followed.

Game ball #1 goes to whoever thought of our "moment of silence" for Michigan State (big props to Scott Bell for writing a whole column on this). It gets perfect marks for originality, realness and disrespect. Sadly, there was no Drew Sharp column talking about how classless and immature it was (don't worry, we just e-mailed him).

Game ball #2 to Chad Henne:

Perfect bombs to Mathews and Manningham aside, gotta love Chad face planting, getting up and smacking the banner over the entrance. You show 'em, Chad! Does anyone else picture Chad having horrifying flashbacks to this moment whenever he does something stupid? Please let it be so.

Game ball #3: Mike Hart for openly mocking Michigan State in the postgame as a pathetic little brother.

Sometimes it's easy to forget this is the same school of the Fab Five, The Pose and Charles Woodson.

It's about damn time we started being jackasses again. It's what we do best.

The only thing left is for Lloyd Carr to get in on the act by A) Predicting we're going to "do OSU in the pooper" or B) Performing the Soulja Boy dance in the locker room with bozacks in hand.

Go Blue.

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amish said...

I simply CANNOT stop watching that video of Chad falling. Its had me in giggles all afternoon.