With Tommy Amaker now at Harvard, we decided it was time to update the "Ever Shrinking Coach K Coaching Tree" as Mike Krzyzewski embarks on his 28th season in Durham.

There are just five remaining pupils on Coach K's web page: T.A., Mike Brey (Notre Dame), Jeff Capel (Oklahoma), Mike Dement (UNC-Greensboro) and Neil Dougherty (TCU) - Dougherty certainly won't have a job much longer.

And no, we aren't counting Duke assistants as part of his coaching tree. That's just absurd.

Now compare that to Dean Smith's coaching tree (granted, he was at UNC for 36 years). But that's not what got us fired up for this post.

What chapped our asses is that the "pupils page" has mysteriously dropped former Missouri coach and ticking time bomb Quin Snyder (who I always thought looked the guy from Weekend at Bernie's), the current coach of the NBDL's Austin Toros (yes, he is Dennis Johnson's successor after the tragic death in February).

If Harvard is considered a real head coaching job, the D-League sure as shit should be too. And with Kevin Pittsnogle and a mascot with major ups (see below), this team could be a real sleeper come, well, whenever the D-League holds its playoffs:

Shame on you Coach K for abandonding a former player just like you left the Duke lacrosse team out to dry!

Oh snap, that was a little harsh...


Anonymous said...

Just like k said you fuck my program up when 1 player left because of his trashy mouth.

Anonymous said...

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