There are no words to describe how angry we were after my college roommate sent this link of a blog trying to nickname Kevin Durant "The Realest."

We're like Marty McFly when someone calls him "chicken." It's just blind rage - literally. V went temporarily blind. I almost strapped on my Redskins helmet and ran straight into our living room TV.

Then we listened to "The Takeover" 30 times in a row.

Now I thought I'd settled this over 3 years ago when we mistakenly thought Allen Iverson and Reebok laid claim to the throne. There's no mistake about this.

We demand an immediate apology and retraction. We could go on and on, but this is like Mopp Deep coming at Jay-Z; it's not even worth our time to deal with this small fry (though we encourage our readers to fill his inbox with nasty e-mails).

And just for the record, there is nothing real about Kevin Durant. Not his baby face. Not his tattoo-less Olive Oyl body and definitely not his lime green Polo shirts.