The Soulja Boy is no fade-away jump shot. Let's get that straight right away. No 17-year old kid will ever be as gritty and grimey as Jim Jones.

But this Soulja Boy thing had a good run as the "next big thing" in sports. Then Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson got put on blast for doing it in the booth on Saturday. But it was forgivable. They just kind of waddled and laughed at each other for being white.

But this.... this is a whole new level. We thought we'd seen it all when Pat Riley busted out the Yung Joc moves during the Heat's victory parade in 2005.

Well check out this sparkling, cinema-quality short (seriously, who shot this thing???) of Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan crankin' it to go along with a spectular "Superman dat ho" (by the way, he also does a mean Hambone):

Hmmm, wonder if anyone's told Ryan what the Superman is yet...

This might be the biggest blow to white people since Vanilla Ice.

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