Yeah suckas!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the greatest feeling in the world. Ron Zook is an absolute mad scientist and our hero. Even shitty Florida coaches have OSU's number.

Watching Juice Williams run the ball down Ohio State's throat over and over again is one of the top 10 sports moments of our lives.

Enjoy this one, Michigan fans. This is a million times better than us beating Wisconsin today. tOSU has been exposed as a fraud for the second straight year and the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders.

Oh what a glorious day!


Anonymous said...

Except your inbred asswipes lost to Wisconsin. Jeez, your team sucks so bad it must really hurt. Let's chat again on Saturday.

ps - Am I the only one that reads this sorry ass Michigan loving bullshit site?

Anonymous said...

i love this sorry ass Michigan loving bullshit site?

fvk O$U

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