Let me start with this:

"Frat Boy Missionaries"
Coming: Summer 2012

Ok, and let me also say it's disgusting when really funny people like Adam Sandler do crap movies like this. Now onto the important stuff...

When you first heard about Sandler's new comedy "Click", how many people out there said to themselves, "Isn't this exactly like Bruce Almighty"?

It turns out they could be more similar than we even feared. Why? Because it turns out two of Bruce Almighty's writers (Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe) are the ones responsible for this "new" script.

(By the way, these two are getting blacklisted as soon as we take over Hollywood....)

These guys are dickriding themselves! We bet Sandler and Beckinsale did the whole thing in front of a green screen and the rest was done over a computer.

I mean even these posters look the exact same! Disgusting.....

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