Everyone's talking about how bad the talent pool is in this NBA Draft. People: we've gotten a little spoiled with the LeBrons, Carmelos and Dwyanes.

Let's all take a look back at the 2000 Draft Class, which is a giant stain on the record books.

1. Kenyon Martin, New Jersey
2. Stromile Swift, Vancouver
3. Darius Miles, LA Clippers
4. Marcus Fizer, Chicago
5. Mike Miller, Orlando
6. DerMarr Johnson, Atlanta
7. Chris Mihm, Chicago (traded to Cleveland)
8. Jamal Crawford, Cleveland (traded to Chicago)
9. Joel Przybilla, Houston
10. Keyon Dooling, Orlando

You know you've got a problem when the top 6 draft picks don't start in the league and no one in the top 10 is with his original team.

As pointed out by ESPN earlier, best player in the entire class is Michael Redd (43rd overall to the Bucks).

Shit, even Mark Madsen was a first-round pick (29th overall to the Lakers)!

The only place Mark Madsen ever fit in...

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