Of everyone we have put on blast, George Mason's mascot Gunston probably got it the worst.

We questioned his manhood, his ability to get fans pumped, and the entire concept behind him. At the end, we asked him to turn in his head on our desk.

Little did we know, he would actually do it. Sometimes our far-reaching impact even amazes ourselves. Of course, now that he is gone, we are going to demand his re-instatement.

According to the Washington Post, George Mason has fired Gunston just weeks after its magical run to the Final Four. And, as you can see, Associate Athletic Director Andy Ruge had some harsh words for Gunston on the way out the door:

"We need to develop a mascot with a strong image, more of an immediate connection with George Mason, something our community would be proud to have," Ruge said.

Ouch. And there's more...

"It would be nice if a freshman could see him and go, 'Hey, that's our mascot' instead of going 'What's that?' "

I wish I overheard a student asking that about the G-man, just so I could go: "It's Gunston, MOTHERFUCKER!"

Notice how Ruge was put on damage control by saying Gunston won't be "offed" and will still work with kids.

Well, at least we know Gunston won't be shot and thrown into a trunk...

Let's hope Moondog reaches out to Gunston in this time of need...

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