I believe it was "The Chronicles of Riddick" that put it best:

"In normal times, evil would be fought by good. But in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil."

Well, that's exactly what is going on with Michael Strahan's divorce from his wife. If you haven't been reading the NY Post lately, here's a summary:

* Wifey wants $14 million dollars
* Strahan's lawyers have devised a genius strategy for him to act like he is suffering from amnesia - he claims he can't remember:
1) Wife's birth date
2) 18-month old twins' birthday
3) Wedding anniversary
4) Love letters he wrote to his wife (although he DOES acknowledge he recognizes the handwriting as his own...)
5) A song he sang to her named "Green Eyes"
* Wife walks out of the courtroom and calls him gay

Let's just hope this ends up with a better ending than C.O.R....

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