Entourage: One Week Away

Our second favorite show, Entourage, is now just one week away from its 3rd season. With only 14 episodes last season, it's been a long, long wait.

Did anyone notice how the show is advertising on ESPN now? Needless to say, this show is becoming one of the biggest players on TV. With all the failed sitcoms on network television, this season could end up being a monumental moment in comedy TV.

If you are like us and can't wait for the season premiere, pick up the most recent issue of GQ with Christina Aguilera on the front. There is a great article detailing Jeremy Piven's move up to the A-list.

The article also mentions the topic of Piven's hair, which we had never even noticed before. But now looking back, it does look suspicious that Piven actually had a lower hairline 12 years ago in PCU:

"PCU Piven"

"Ari Gold"

There is an even worse picture of him appearing on Seinfeld, but we will refrain from showing it. Although normally we would make fun of this somehow, as a couple of 20-something dudes (one of which is going gray rapidly), this actually struck a soft spot with us....

.... that is until we realized Piven is probably hooking up with a model half his age right now. You go, JP.


Anonymous said...

He is actually hooking up with my friend's friend and she says he has disgusting hair plugs.

zima said...
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Anonymous said...

No doubt he has more hair than earlier in his career. But he is good as Ari Gold! Hug it out!