Did Jack Nicklaus Piss Off Leatherlips?

As the Memorial Tournament goes through ANOTHER rain delay, it's time to talk conspiracy.

Check out this website:

"Dublin - Muirfield Village Golf Club - 1976 - Was the start of the Memorial Tournament Jack Nicklaus - built the golf course on an Indian burial or sacred grounds. The legend has it - Chief Leatherlips makes it rain every year on Tournament. In 24 years it has been affected by rain 14 times. Twice it has been shortened to 54 holes. One year they move the tournament a week a head. It still rained."

We obviously laugh at coincidence and believe this conspiracy 100%.


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Anonymous said...

If it was a curse wouldn't it rain EVERY year? It's called the weather pattern for Columbus in late May early June. It rains alot then. Schedule the tourney in late June and see if it rains. Late June is always dry as a bone.