What is there to say about this season of 24?

It sucks.

Who is writing this shit, Ray Benzino?

The bluetooth guy becoming Jack's evil twin brother was a sad attempt at a flip (trust us, it's a twin). The writing has gotten so poor at this point that when Milo asked who Graham Bauer was, we were half-expecting Chloe to say, "Duh! The evil mastermind behind last season!" It was only a small consolation that Jack tortured him.

And please, please stop Regina King.

She was much better in Jerry Maguire. There's only so much of this human rights crap we can take. And what's the deal with her acting like her husband is in serious danger? It's not like they are armed with uzis - THEY'RE IN A DETENTION FACILITY!

And aren't they reusing the plot line of Karen Hayes vs. power-hungry right winger? Not to mention the fact that Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol) even looks like Miles (Stephen Spinella).

We'll only stop blogging now because between 24 and the Sports Guy, we're not sure if the world is going to shit or we are becoming morbidly depressed and lashing out at everything that's close to us.

Maybe it's time to bring Nina Meyers back from the dead...


John said...

An argument for a jumped shark can definitely be made.

Uh, how did Wayne Palmer become president?

And I think Graham's kid is Jack's kid. They laid that on pretty thick.

amish said...

I'll admit that last night's episode had me doubting whether I cared to watch the show anymore. The story was all over the place, and at times I caught myself getting distracted by my blackberry because it was more interesting.

But I'm going to give the show the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully it gets better.