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Bauer isn’t God’s child?

Every Monday morning, I go to school with one thing in mind. Jack Bauer. During all of my classes and through the day, all I can think about is the heavenly figure that is Bauer. I guess the reason I think this way (and which many do) is because we want to be Bauer… minus the 20 months in Chinese camp.

But when this Monday’s episode showed that Bauer had a mom, dad, and brother, I went into a state of shock. We have known Jack for 6 seasons now, and we have never heard one mention of his family, besides spouses and children. The writers for 24 are trying to do too much, tie in the unanswered questions from last season into this one. And in addition- making it so his brother is a terrorist or connected to them, and to not have Jack talk to his father for 9 years. They are introducing too many new parts to old stories (Sandra Palmer, the Bauer family).

There is definitely bad blood in the family, and if I ever found out Varun was terrorist, let’s just say it would be worse than when I spanked him 85-36 in NCAA ’07.

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