Last we heard, Willie Williams was headed to West Los Angeles College to keep playing football. Needless to say, we were a little concerned Willie was going to get caught up in the wrong crowd again and start gangbangin'.

So imagine our unbridled joy when it just came across ESPN's zipper that Big Willie Style is headed to play for Louisville! (Editor's note: I'm a complete jackass for saying Louisville is in the ACC, obviously I just lost my mind after the hearing this news)

Kudos to Steve Kragthorpe for starting out his program by giving an 11th chance to a kid that was arrested 10 times in high school and poetically detailed his recruiting trips in the Miami Herald.

As the AOL FanHouse points out, there is already a defensive lineman that starts for the 'Ville with the same name. It's only a matter of time until Willie punches him in the face.

It's a damn shame Miami and Louisville don't play next year, but we're sure Willie will have his revenge in this life or another...

Time to pound fools...

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Mike Paradis said...

Louisville is in the Big East