(UPDATE: We get it, people. Urban Cryer is a genius. We are idiots.) Great piece by Shelley Smith of ESPN on how the Florida Gators are preparing for the national championship: having this guy impersonate Troy Smith on the scout team:

Troy? Is that you?

"Sunshine" (actual name Michael Guilford) is a freshman from Quincy, Florida. All I'm gonna say is that if he looks this scared shitless in the team photo, imagine his reaction when Jarvis Moss is chasing him around in practice.

I know it is just the scout team, but it's unacceptable for a powerhouse like Florida to prepare for a Heisman Trophy winner like this.

Hey Urban: maybe, just maybe you should have superfreak Tim Tebow doing double duty instead of practicing QB sneaks all day. Just a thought.

Realests' prediction: Florida 41, Ohio State 17 (Editor's note: We actually picked the opposite outcome, but didn't want to get blasted by the Gator nation after we looked like idiots. Would expect anything less stupid and juvenile from us? We hope not)


Anonymous said...

You "realests" are so clueless it's rediculous. If you did any research at all, instead of posting baseless smack, you would know that "Sunshine" runs a 4.4 40 and can flat out play. He's giving the defense a very good look, and by the way he would mess you two up so don't stop by any practices. Although that's probably not a worry with you two, that would take actual effort and expose the facts, a.k.a your worst enemy!

Anonymous said...

If he can "flat out play" ... why is he on the scout team? Oops, logic.

Splash Wilson said...

that first commenter was served!!

zubin said...

your prediction was 3 points off.. mucho props

ps, varun- im still bragging about how i SPANKED you in that ncaa game by 35 points. (if varun doesnt see this jim, remind him how i made him so mad that he almost punched me in the face like the cry baby he is)

Anonymous said...

do not talk bad about this kid.. he is an insane athlete and has the best work ethic ive seen.. he is super fast running 4.3's all day and has the determination to one day be a starter even if its not at qb. he obviously did a good job preparing the defense for smith cause he had a total of what 9 yards? kthxbye