I thought Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga was starting to lose his mind when he asked the media for coaching suggestions at a press conference announcing Nick Saban's departure.

Then he interviewed Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis, who got fired a couple days later.

Then he interviewed Jim Mora and Chan Gailey.

But Huizenga looks like a genius now for the newest Dolphins coaching candidate: Mike Shula.

That's right. The same guy that was just fired at Alabama and replaced by Nick Saban (and of course Don Shula's son).

Huizenga might as well have called the Alabama AD and told him, "Do you think I give a fuck about winning, cuz I don't..."

Bravo, Wayne. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, I respectfully disagree. Shula is not a bad coach at all. He went 10-2 at Bama the year before last, and not to mention, UA never fully recovered from their Fulmer-instituted NCAA sanctions. His style might translate in the NFL well, who knows?

Anonymous said...

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