Sorry it's been a little slow on the blog lately, folks.

I've been busy working on some projects for work, in particular THE GREATEST SUPER BOWL QUIZ EVER (UPDATE: Sorry, I'm really bad with links... I promise it works this time) for this site, hofmag.com. With all these kinds of quizzes out there with questions like, "Why did Eugene Robinson get arrested before the Super Bowl?", I stuck with only questions I didn't know the answers to.

Here's a quick preview:

1) Which A-list celebrity was involved in 1985's Super Bowl XIX between San Francisco and Miami?
A. Jake Gyllenhaal worked as ball boy
B. Teri Hatcher was 49ers cheerleader
C. Matthew McConaughey directed traffic
D. Gwen Stefani danced in the halftime show

P.S. Varun and I are still trying to figure out the logistics of our annual Super Bowl running blog since I will be at work during the game. We'll do our best, people.

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