We love the Wu around these parts. Along with DMX, they were the soundtrack for our high school experience. In fact, they perfectly epitomize the grimy lifestyle that Jim and I experienced in high school. "Enter the 36 Chambers" is basically my autobiography from the ages of 15-19 minus the guns, crack, shootouts, Supreme Mathematics (although I did take AP Calc), projects, food stamps, arrests, trips to juvie, and kung fu flicks.

Anyway, there's a large segment of hip hop bloggers that are really anticipating Raekwon The Chef's "Only Built for Cuban Linx 2." Not me. I have "Only Built For Cuban Linx" on my iPod and to tell you the truth, I get bored every time I try and listen to it (except for "Rainy Dayz," that song is gangster).

Wait....I take back everything I just said because I just saw this picture on the internet:

This post really does a great job of explaining the genius behind the picture. But, for those of you that are slow, let's break it down for you: HE'S COVERED IN COCAINE AND INVOLVED IN A DEADLY SHOOTOUT WHILE LAYING ON THE GROUND.

Whoever is behind the marketing for this album needs to be promoted/fired immediately. Was there even a budget? Doesn't this look like something that Jim and I would have done?

Let's hope they put a little more effort into 8 Diagrams.


Anonymous said...

you herb cuban link 2 is going to save hip hop. . . it doesn't matter how much money he put onto that particular advertisement.. just know that its coming. . and studdy your lessons

Anonymous said...

This album is going to bring back hip hip to the source from which it came.Rae put a lot of money, time, and effort into the production of this album. Cant wait till it comes out and blows that ring tone rap off the scene

Anonymous said...

In high school we had sets for each subject, A1,A2,B1,B2,B3. Five sets depending on your intellect, A1 being the highest and B3 being the genetically less fortunate.

Those in B3 complained how boring Shakespeare, the greatest writer was and did less material from the Bard, and more interesting things such as Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl (I'm not knocking Seuss or Dahl, but you get my point for someone in their final year of high school).

Anyway, its the same with Hip Hop. You can't be blamed for not liking Cuban Linx part 1, it's not for everyone. It's not Jigga (who I love by the way), It's not fifty, who I also enjoy, it definitely ain't Nelly or Soulja Boy.

This is high potent rap. So grow a little in hip hop, and your eyes will be opened. Peace