I believe Varun's words when he found out junior Johnny Sears was one of our starting corners were, "This can only end badly."

And it did.

Just three weeks into the season, The Detroit News is reporting Sears is off the team in classic Lloyd Carr fashion: Zero explanation. At least they didn't peg him with a fake injury (i.e. Matt Gutierrez, Phil Brabbs, etc., etc.) Sears has instead chosen the Jim Boccher route and just disappeared into thin air.

It's really hard to hate Michigan at a time like this.

In fact, he's already be wiped off MGoBlue. He lists himself as a Michigan alum on Facebook, which is odd since he should be about 32 credits short right now. Harbaugh would have an absolute field day with that one....

But that's neither here nor there. Please take a moment of silence to watch this tribute to Johnny:

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