Someone please stop Lloyd Carr the next time he goes on his well-rehearsed spiel: "We can either fold it up, or we can fight back!"

It's pretty much the same speech he's given for every loss we can remember. Note to Lloyd: Losing 39-7 means your team folded it up.

Even more pathetic, if Michigan somehow finds a way to beat Notre Dame (a big if...), Lloyd's going to talk about how he's never been prouder of a group of football players and never seen anything like the adversity and ridicule they've gone through in the last two weeks. Please spare us.

Hopefully it doesn't take a parking cone up the ass for Lloyd to get the message.

We'd much rather see Lloyd pull a John L. Smith and throw the entire team under the bus like he did after last year's Illinois game ("That’s the way we practiced, what you saw. We can’t get them to go. Apparently I don’t have the answer. Can’t get them to go hard in practice.")


Nike Conspiracy Theory: We'd like to point out our newest conspiracy theory: Has anyone noticed that the downfall of Michigan football just-so-happens to come right after we turned our backs on Nike? Don't worry, The Realests are already looking into large cash transactions between the Henne family and Phil Knight.

Now 0-4 since Bo's death, people are now talking about how that might not be a coincidence - but that's just offensive.

It's Britney, Bitch: Toss up. Who's more out of touch with reality (and realety, for that matter...) right now: The Michigan Football Team or Britney Spears? Someone stop this woman.

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