I feel like Mike Gundy after seeing "Kid Nation" last night.

If you haven't seen the controversial show, the premise is basically slavery for children. It's pure evil. More evil than "Temptation Island" and "Are You Hot" combined.

In last night's episode, children as young as 8 chopped off a live chicken's head. Don't want to sound like soccer moms, but that's fucking fucked up.

OK, we'll come down off our soapbox, but stay tuned, folks. There's much more exploitation to come, including four kids that accidentally drink bleach and a girl that burns her face with cooking grease.

Due to tightened child labor laws as a result of the show, there's even talk of it going overseas next season (no, seriously) where they'll be free to work in textile factories and iron smelts.

Yippee, hooray!!!

Here's Little Cletus to explain:

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Anonymous said...

Mike Gundy is the best.