What, you thought this story would go away?

The Daily Cougar came up with a clutch interview of the Houston mascot that got pummeled a couple weeks back by the Oregon Duck. As if he wasn't going to get enough shit, it turns out Matt Stolt is actually a walk-on receiver on the UH football team.


Says Stolt: "I mean, to be on a football team, which is considered a manly sport, and to see videos of me getting beat up by a duck, of course it's going to be a little embarrassing."

We guess his teammates can't laugh too hard since they did get their own ass beat, 48-27. But at least their opponent wasn't wearing a Donald Duck costume.

Even better?

His quote about last week's game against Tulane: "To tell the truth, the Tulane mascot came out for the first part of the game and disappeared [after that]. He might have been scared..."

Scared? Of you? That's going straight on Riptide's bulletin board for basketball season...

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