We'd take a second to explain who Tony Ding is, but the man's reputation precedes himself. We'll just say he is the finest photog in the history of The Michigan Daily.

Why do we mention this? Because a picture he took during the Appalachian State-Michigan game is the new cover of Sports Illustrated. Take a look:

You don't need us to tell you that having the cover of SI is the Holy Grail of sports photo journalism. What can you say? The man has a magic touch.

Congrats also to former sports staffer Kyle O'Neill, who just started his own blog for the Freep and will do battle with the Daily's evil nemesis, Jim Carty.


Tony said...

Thanks Jim, appreciate it buddy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tony. And congrats to Appalachian State for defeating the grey eyed sloping forehead freaks that populate the Michigan football program and it's campus. It couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of asswipes.

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