We thought we'd heard the last of these clowns with the Kings' nosedive into NBA obscurity, but apparently not.

Such is life as a media whore.

After wondering aloud "Who are those two white doofuses in the Lollipop video?" we discovered it's none other than Joe and Gavin Maloof, playboy extraordinares who also own the Palms Casino.

Go straight to 2:45; hijinx ensue:

We can just picture the director: "Joe, Gav: You see how Birdman mean-mugged while he was throwing his chips into the middle? Do it JUST LIKE THAT.... PERFECT!!!!"

Apparently, the house in the video is the Maloof mansion in Vegas. Making it even worse, the Magoof brothers are featured in the David Banner's "Get Like Me" video.

Years from now people will look back and mark this as the official moment hip-hop died. R.I.P.


MarkJacksonShimmey said...

Barry Bonds at the 0:53 in David Banner's video

Anonymous said...

hip hop died when this song went to number 1.