We haven't been this excited since Black Friday.

Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne's much-hyped, much-anticipated album finally drops today.

Weezy is a man of extremes. Like everything with him, we expect the album to be an instant classic or a giant flop. Diddy says it's the former - for what that's worth. We hope so, but wouldn't be surprised if we had another Beg for Mercy on our hands.

And it's hard to take a man seriously when he thinks making out with his crew is gangster and Corey Lidle's death is a sign of the Apocalypse.

But no one appreciates the fine line between stupidity and sheer genius like we do here at The Realests. (DMX toed the line beautifully until somewhere into The Great Depression, when crack took over his brain.) As a celebration of all things Wayne, the following are his five most wack/genius rhymes of all time:

5. "When I was 5 my favorite movie was The Gremlins. Ain't got shit to do with this but I thought I should mention."

4. "You say tomato I say tamata. You say get em I say got em."

3. "Cheese n**** where my macaroni? Baby I get up in that ass and act a donkey."

2. "My flow crazy I ain't too sane. But I am thee shit & they just poop stain."

1. "I have no brain, I am retarded. We are not the same, I'm a Martian."

Now that we think of it, maybe Tha Carter III will be both. A classic shit sandwich, if you will. In that case, maybe we've got another Dynasty on our hands.


Knee Capper Kenny said...

Hip hop/rap: The music choice for losers.

Anonymous said...

Says the loser writing bitter comments on random blogs...

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Is that Weezy or Mini-Me in blackface?