Our first reaction to hearing Michigan would be switching from Nike to adidas was, "At least we'll get rid of that stupid Maize pipping."

Au contraire... mon freres.

Somehow we've managed to combine the shitty quality of Adidas and the tackiness of West Virginia with these clunkers rumored to be Michigan's new road jerseys.

Surely this will piss WVU off even more and result in another lawsuit, for which Bill Martin should be commended.

But wow these look terrible. How did we go from having the best uniform in sports to this in just three years (I guess the home uniform still hasn't changed...)?

And if they start passing out Davey Crockett hats at Michigan Stadium, we're calling for Martin's job - and his real estate license.


3000 said...

Good Christ, that's terrible. If the 9/27 game was in Madison instead of Ann Arbor and Wisco chose to go with the red pants, it'd look like a fucking Mountain West game.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait until we know its official before freaking out. I know alot of people didn't like the maize piping when they first saw the jerseys, but it grew on them after seeing the players wear them. So maybe this will be the same.

Anonymous said...

Jemele Hill thinks that anyone who likes these jerseys is an anti-Semite.