This is always the worst time of year for sports fans. Once the NBA Draft is done, we'll be stuck with MLB all summer as we count down the days 'til football returns.

For blogs, it means a lot of filler posts and pointless drivel.

But that all changed a couple days ago with the first major beef in the sports blogosphere: The Big Lead vs. Deadspin and Kissing Suzy Kolber.

A quick recap:

- TBL's Jason McIntyre gets interviewed for an L.A. Times story on sports blogs

- Deadspin's Will Leitch puts McIntyre on blast for quotes Leitch views as selling out

- McIntyre responds saying he wants no part in the beef and takes a dig at KSK's Matt Ufford in the process

- Ufford goes apeshit and rips McIntyre apart in a post entitled, "Jason McIntyre, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes"

Damn, it feels like the Source Awards in here:

As the 69th most influential sports blog in the world, we feel obligated to take sides on this one - but we're torn:

In our mind, TBL is now a far better blog than Deadspin. We at least skim over every single post at TBL, while we find ourselves just clicking "Mark All As Read" with Deadspin.

That being said, McIntyre's position of "becoming more ethical the bigger your blog gets" is obviously indefensible.

On the flip side of that, Will Leitch's "King of the Blogosphere" act is getting old. He acts like he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks, but then spends his entire book explaining himself with idiotic logic (i.e. putting up pictures of wasted athletes makes them "more real"). If Leitch spent as much time on Deadspin's content as he does defending himself, maybe the site would still be a must-read. And dude: If you really don't care what anyone thinks, stop talking about it!

As for KSK, did they overreact a little bit? Yes. But these guys are complete savages. Everyone already knew that. Like the old Snoop Dogg, the guys at KSK are completely out of their damn minds and ready to pop off on anyone. Now that's real.

So basically we're just hoping this escalates and gets completely out of hand.

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Anonymous said...

Deadspin sucks. Their site is hard to read and Leitch's schtick is beyond old.