Did we overreact to Michigan's new away uniform? Maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

Apparently unsatisfied with stealing the basketball coach, football coach (plus their entire staffs) and West Virginia's uniforms, Michigan athletic director Bill Martin announced today that Big Blue will no longer don the traditional winged helmets.

The new Michigan helmet will look suspiciously similar to the Mountaineers - a blue helmet with the new interlocking UM logo on the side - to the delight of Dick Rod.

"Sooooo weeeeee - let the Big Dog eat!" Rod shouted at a press conference announcing the change.

"We have to fave facts: The winged helmet, like everything in this athletic department, was great at one time. But now it is old and stale," said Martin. "If Fielding Yost were here today, I think he'd be proud to be a West Vir... er, Michigan Man."

Martin concluded by openly acknowledging the similarity between the two helmets but added: "West Virginia can eat my ass."

Image credit: T Dizzle

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WVU said...

fuck you asshole west virginia could rape michigan in a heartbeat