Former Ohio State linebacker Robert Reynolds has been suspended for a full year by the NFL for juicing and will likely retire.

Gee, who would have ever suspected 'roid rage for a guy that almost choked Jim Sorgi to death on the football field?


Anonymous said...

yep that's a big surprise. a former buckeye on roids. what do you exspect when your strenght and conditioning coach was caught doing the same thing . Tosu are a bunch of cheating punk's

Testy Stanolozol said...

OSU's new S&C coach looks like he's on the juice too. But why is this so shocking. Seen Vern Gholston? That's not a body developed au natural. Besides, tons of kids in college of most programs are using something. It's just part of the game

Anonymous said...

will you cocks get ahold of yourselves ...would you rather have people running around with crable legs?!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, get a life..all of you. You are sooo wrong in your accusations, considering there is not ONE SINGLE THING in print that says he was "juicing". Amazing how people with nothing better to do can write an entire life story on a man who they know nothing about with almost no fact-based info whatsoever.
By the way, I was not aware that Jim Sorgi died on that field??? Amazing...good for him...what a comeback from the grave!
Please people, before you smear someones name, check your conscience, if you have one. Surely there must be better things to do with your time.
And I would wager all that I have that each one of you have made at least one mistake in your past you wish you could take back...and would truly appreciate if complete strangers didn't sit around blogging about your faults.
Think about it...