"Hey Joe, it's me. Zeke. Have you gotten my texts? Come on dog, turn your phone on.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I heard about Flip. I'm on a bus right now in Slovakia headed to the airport. I've got a direct flight into DE-troit. Mind pickin' me up?

It's been awhile, Joe. I just wanted to catch up a little bit. I'd love to help with your search for a new coach. Just one old friend helping another out.

I've been thinking a lot about what will get our Pistons back over the hump. Wanted to throw a couple ideas by you.

Just imagine this starting 5 for next year: Sam Cassell... Corey Maggette... Ricky Davis... Mark Blount... and my main man Eddy Curry...

Marinate on that, Joe.

And don't worry about the draft, man. I was just scouting Darko's half-cousin for the Knicks and trust me - this kid's the real deal Holyfield.

I'll call you right before my flight out of Bratislava.

By the way, how are the interns at The Palace this year? Any hotties?

Oh yeah, and please don't let any of my illegitimate children know I'm coming to town. Those little shits have almost milked me dry. Ya heard?

Talk to you soon JD3. Holla at ya boy."

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