We thought we needed our heads examined when we saw this: Jessica Alba is #34 on the Maxim Hot 100?!?!

Have you seen the picture of the Dark Angel bending over, people??? (You can find that yourself, this is a family blog.)

I thought men's magazines hit rock bottom when one ranked Jessica behind Band Camp from American Pie a couple years ago, but this is unacceptable.

They've got Jess behind a bunch of washed-up has-beens (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears*, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Michelle Gellar) and overrated teenie-boppers (Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Tisdale).

In our minds, this is worse than the Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times. The Times is nothing without its journalistic integrity and Maxim is nothing without its ability to correctly judge hot girls.

Nothing less than a public apology and cleaning house from the EIC to their janitors will suffice.

Otherwise, you're dead to us.

* WTF?!?!?!?!

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